112633 : RHSA-2002-122: Gaim

Risk 4 : Red Hat Local Checks

Updated gaim packages are now available for Red Hat Linux Advanced Server. These updates fix a buffer overflow in the Jabber plug-in module.

Gaim is an instant messaging client based on the published TOC protocol from AOL. Versions of gaim prior to 0.58 contain a buffer overflow in the Jabber plug-in module.

Users of gaim should update to these errata packages containing gaim 0.59 which is not vulnerable to this issue.

Please note that gaim version 0.57 had an additional security problem which has been fixed in version 0.58 (CAN-2002-0377) however, Red Hat Linux Advanced Server did not ship with version 0.57 and was not vulnerable to this issue.

[update 14 Aug 2002] Previous packages pushed were not signed, this update replaces the packages with signed versions

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CVSS Information:
Low Attack Complexity, Partial Confidentiality Impact, Partial Integrity Impact, Partial Availability Impact
Tenable : 2009-12-04
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