112350 : RHSA-2003-009: WindowMaker

Risk 4 : Red Hat Local Checks

Updated packages are available to fix a vulnerability in Window Maker.

[Updated 06 Feb 2003] Fixed packages for Advanced Workstation 2.1 have been added.

[Updated 31 Mar 2003] New erratum packages are available to fix a bug in the original security patch.

[Updated 18 Jun 2003] The last update did not include the Advanced Workstation 2.1 packages, these have now been added back.

Window Maker is an X11 window manager that emulates the look and feel of the NeXTSTEP graphical user interface.

Al Viro found a buffer overflow in Window Maker 0.80.0 and earlier which may allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code through a certain image file that is not properly handled when Window Maker uses width and height information to allocate a buffer. A user can exploit this vulnerability, for example, by opening a malicious theme.

Users of Window Maker are advised to upgrade to these updated packages which contain a patch to correct this vulnerability.

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CVSS Information:
Low Attack Complexity, Partial Confidentiality Impact, Partial Integrity Impact, Partial Availability Impact
Tenable : 2009-12-04
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